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Protect your investment and keep your car's resale value high with the MIS Premium Clear Bra!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About the
Modern Image Clear Bra

Q:Can the Modern Image Clear Bra be removed?
A: Yes, the protective film can be easily removed without damaging your paint.

Q:Will the MIS Clear Bra prevents rocks and debris from chipping the front of my car?
A: Yes, the protective 3m film absorbs the blunt of the impact of rocks and debris preventing paint chipping.
The material that it is made from was originally designed by 3M engineers to protect the leading edges of aircraft propellers and rotor blades from rock chips. It is a much easier task to protect your vehicles paint than it is to protect a propeller moving at nearly the speed of sound.
When the protective 3m film is removed, it will reveal undamaged paint.

Q:Can I see a line where the MIS Clear Bra stops?

A: The MIS Premium Clear Bra avoids un-needed lines by covering the entire hood and fenders making the MIS Premium Clear Bra virtually invisible and providing optimum protection.

Q:Can I wax the MIS Clear Bra?
Yes, you can wash the MIS Clear Bra. Regular washing and waxing will increase the life span of the MIS Clear Bra.

Q:How long will the MIS Clear Bra last?
A: The MIS Clear Bra has a four year limited warrenty, though the material has an average life span of about 7 years.

Q:Is the MIS Clear Bra safe to use on the new water based acrylic paints that are being used by some manufacturers?
A: Yes, it is safe to use the MIS Clear Bra on the new water based acrylic paints beacuse the MIS Clear Bra has no harmful effects on water based acrylic paints and still provides the same level of protection.

1st Place Awards - Three times over
At this year's 2009 prestigious Bella Italia Concourse Event, Modern Image Clear Bra was awarded three, 1st Place Awards.  Best V12 Class Ferrari 599, Best V8 Class Ferrari 360 Stradale, and People's Choice 430 Scuderia.
Targa Trophy - San Diego - Triple Crown Event # - June 2009.
ModernImage Clear Bra participated in the The Rally & Event Expo started at the W Hotel in San Diego, Ca and navigated through a plethora of unique challenges on its journey to Harrah's Rincon Casino. Stay tuned for photos and post event details.
ModernImage Clear Bra
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